Fragnito Metals Lake Chelan

Fragnito Metals Lake Chelan

Fragnito Metals was established in 2004 after one truck load of scrap materials from construction projects. Junk metal is now a $100 billion global trade market.

Fragnito Metals has won several demolition contracts at some of the largest fruit facilities in Washington. We have also work with contractors and dam owners at chief Joseph dam azwell dam chelan falls dam and rocky reach dam.

The current location at 35 Howser Road houses full service public recycling complete with loaders, crushers, forklifts, roll offs, scales and hard working burners.


Landfills are a huge problem and Fragnito Metals wants to help. Less and less land is available while the volume of waste continues to grow. Waste sorting methods are critical to our environmental impact and economic concerns in Lake Chelan Valley and worldwide. Our world famous apples and fresh waters depend on responsible waste management. Recycle today with Fragnito Metals.

Services include: drive up recycling, roll off delivery and fruit industry facilities scrap metal demolition and removal. We’re committed to work with you to help keep Washington clean.

Please recycle. Thank you.

Fragnito Metals LLC